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Raita is considered to be very essential to complete Indian lunch or dinner. It is easy to prepare and has it’s own digestive properties. Raita is prepared in different styles. If one thing is common in all of the raitas, it is Curd. Each one of them has it’s own flavor and taste. It is full of nutrients. The recipe of common Raita is as follows :
Ingredients :            1. Curd – 250 gm

                                    2. Boondi – 100 gm

                                    3. Salt

                                    4. Red pepper

5. Cumin – ½ tablespoonful

6. Olive oil or ghee – 1 tablespoonful

7. Coriander – to garnish

Procedure :

1. Take 250 gm curd (dahi).

2. Mix 1 cup water in it to make it dilute.

3. Grind it in a grinder or with hand blender.

4. Take 100 gm boondi (made of besan) and give them mild steam in water so that they are softened.

5. When boondis are softened, drop them in diluted curd.

6. Add some salt and red chilli according to one’s taste.

7. Now take ½ table spoonful cumin (jeera) and fry in olive oil or ghee. Add these cumin to the above mixture.

8. The raita is almost ready. Garnish it with some green coriander (dhania).

9. Serve it to guest. I am sure it will add taste and flavor to your servings.  

Proverb related with Raita : Raita faila dena (to spread raita) means to make heavy mistake which is not easy to handle with.

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