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General Topics

1. Indian Railways has the first place in Asia and 4th in the world.

2. The first train in India was run on April 16, 1853 between Mumbai and Thane.

3. The headquarter of Indian Railways is situated in New Delhi.

4. Indian Railways is the largest undertaking in country.

5. Mughal Sarai is the largest railway yard in the country.

Railway Zones :- Indian Railways has been divided into 15 zones.

Railway Zone                                   Headquarter

1. Northern                                       Delhi

2. Southern                                       Chennai

3. Eastern                                         Kolkata

4. Western                                        Mumbai

5. Central                                          Mumbai VT

6. North-Eastern                             Gorakhpur

7. North-Western                            Jaipur

8. North-Central                             Allahabad

9. North East Frontier                   Maligaon-Guwati

10. South-Eastern                           Kolkata

11. South-Western                          Bangalore

12. South-Central                           Sicunderabad

13. East-Central                              Hajipur

14. West-Central                            Jabalpur

15. East-Coastal                              Bhuvaneshwar

Major Grasslands of The World

 Grassland                                         Regions

1. Dawns                                            Australia

2. Pampas                                         South America

3. Prairies                                         North America

4. Savana                                          Africa and Australia

5. Selvas                                            South America

6. Steppes                                          Europe and Northern Asia

7. Taiga                                             Europe and Asia

8. Velds                                              South Africa

9. Lianos                                           Venezuala (S. America)

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