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Facts -1 :

1. Unlike the Earth and other planets which spin from west to east, Venus spins from east to west.

2. Pacific Ocean is larger in area than all the land on the earth.

3. The lowest point on the earth is the Dead Sea in Israel and Jorden. It is 400 metres below the sea level.

4. The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. It covers only 0.44 sq. km. It has a populatin of about 1,000 people.

5. The highest desert in the world is Atacama I in Chile. It is 4090 metres above the sea level.

6. Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway line in the world. It covers a distance of more than 11,000 km from Leningrad to Vladivostok.

7. The fastest land animal is the Cheetah. It can run at a speed of 112 km per hour for short distances.

8. The humming bird is the only bird that can fly backwards.

9. The fastest running bird is ostrich. It can reach speed upto 48 km per hour.

10. The world’s largest group of freshwater lakes is located in North America.    

Facts -2 :

1. The oldest living thing on the earth is bristlecone pine tree. It is 4300 years old.

2. The longest living animal is clam in the ocean. Is can live upto 175 years.

3. Welwitschia plant grows in the dessert of Africa. It produces only two leaves in its lifetime that may be for 2000 years.

4. Shigmotsav Zatra is a popular festival of Goa.

5. Sharks can detect one part of animal blood in 100 million parts of water.

6. Owls can locate their prey in almost pitch darkness.

7. 100 vampire bats can drink the blood of 25 cows or 14,000 chickens in just one night.

8. Owls have eyesight over a hundred times better than ours.

9. Crows have the biggest brains in relation to body size of any bird.

10. Mocking bird snatches hair from people’s head to make their nest.

Facts -3 :

1. The fastest swimmer is the gentoo penguin. It can swim at a speed of 27 km per hour.

2. the frigate bird is a real robber. When other seabird catches fish, it attacks that and snatches its food.

3. Our eyes can detect as many as 10 million different colour shades.

4. Water is the only substance that exists naturally in three forms.

5. Antarctica contains 70 percent of world’s freshwater.

6. The study of soil : Pedology.

7. The earth’s gravity is six times more than that of the moon.

8. A sparrow has about 3000 fathers in summer but as many as 3500 in winter to keep it warm.

9. A swan has 25000 feathers.

10. During an average life-span (80 years) a person urinates 45,000 litres.

Facts -4 :

1. The tallest animal of the world : Giraffe

2. Flightless bird of New Zealand : Kiwi

3. Flightless bird of Antarctica : Penguin

4. The largest living bird found in Kalahari desert of Africa : Ostrich

5. Rnnning bird of Australia : Emu

6. Black Mamba of Africa can race along at the speed of 25 km per hour with its head raised.

7. An African Elephant weighs about 7000 kg.

8. Another name for Box Jellyfish is Sea Wasp. Its venom is as powerful as that of a Cobra.

9. ‘Deodar’ plant inspired Kalidas to write famous ‘Kumarasambhavam’ and ‘Meghdootam’.

10.Albert Einstein once said that only 12 people all round the world could understand his theory.

Facts -5 :

1. It takes less than 90 seconds for a drops of blood to circulate through all the body’s 1,00,000 km of blood vessels.

2. The planets of our solar system have been named after the Roman gods and goddesses.

3. There are more than 6800 languages spoken in the world today of which 417 are on the verge of extinction.

4. Salman Rushdie won the ‘Best of Booker Award’ for his novel “Midnight’s Children” through a global vote by the readers.

5. The International Flower Festiva is celebrated in Gangtok.

6. Bismillah Khan played the Shehnai at India’s first Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort in 1947.

7. The World Bank began operating in June 1954.

8. The Reserve Bank of India was established in 1935.

9. Uttar Pradesh publishes the maximum number of newspapers in India.

10. Denmark abolished slavery in 1792.

Facts -6 :

1. Bohag Bihu is a popular festival of Assam.

2. The world’s biggest storage root is yam. It is the staple food of people in some African countries.

3. Nursing System was started by Florence Nighingale.

4. Rashtrapati Bhawan was designed by Edwin Lutyens.

5. The largest school in the world is the City Montessori School in Lucknow (India). It has more than 27,000 children.

6. Napoleon Bonaparte was nicknamed Little Corporal because of his short stature.

7. The Himalayas are the highest mountain ranges in the world.

8. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.

9. The Northern Plains are made up of alluvial soil.

10. The Northern Plains are called the ‘Food bowl of India’.

Facts -7 :

1. The rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra form the Sunderbans Delta.

2. Udaipur is called ‘City of lakes’.

3. The Deccan Plateau is also called the ‘Storehouse of minerals’.

4. The world’s highest waterfalls are the Angel Falls in Venezuela.

5. Chennai does not have a natural port. It has an artificial port.

6. Morarji Desai was the oldest Prime Minister of India.

7. The fundamental rights in our constitution have been taken from the American constitution.

8. Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world.

9. Ramabai Ranade founded the Poona Seva Sadan.

10. Sushruta is regarded as Father of plastic surgery.

 Facts -8 :

1. The decimal system and concept of zero were of Indian origin.

2. Hindi is the official language of eight Indian states.

3. Tansen and Baiju Bawra were famous musicians of Akbar’s court.

4. Urdu is entirely an Indian language. It was developed in Delhi and flourished in Lucknow and Hyderabad.

5. The first newspaper published in India was the Bengal Gazette.

6. Waterways are the cheapest but slowest mode of transport.

7. India is the second largest producer of vegetables in the world.

8. Gujarat is the biggest producer of groundnut and sapodilla (Chiku) in India.

9. India is known as ‘Thirsty country’ even though it has rich water resources.

10. Corbett National Park was formerly known as Hailey National Park.

Facts -9 :

1. Goa is sometimes called the “Cathedral City of India”.

2. Pudducherry was French colony in the past.

3. Alphonso mangoes come from Maharashtra.

4. Bhubaneshwar is also called ‘Temple city of India’.

5. Tirupati is famous for Lord Venkateshwara Temple.

6. Jaisalmer is famous for the Desert Festival.

7. Udaipur is called the City of Lakes.

8. Haryana is also called “Milk Pail of India”.

9. Assam is Tea State of India.

10. Delhi is also called ‘Mini India’.

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